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Two New Exhibitions In Conjunction With Cristea Roberts Gallery

Today, Tremenheere Gallery opened its doors for two new exhibitions in conjunction with Cristea Roberts Gallery. On the lower floor, you’ll find Sculptors’ Prints: Richard Long, David Nash and Richard Woods, while Gillian Ayres & Howard Hodgkin runs concurrently on the upper floor. This combination of exhibitions brings beautiful and intriguing energy of colours, shapes and patterns to the gallery.

Sculptors’ Prints showcases the work of three renowned artists, David Nash, Richard Long and Richard Woods, all of whom we’re proud to have sculptures by in #Tremenheere’s Sculpture Gardens. 

Richard Long RA created a sculpture in plant form named ‘Tremenheere Line’ which consists of a long straight line of planted Restio grasses. He wanted to make nature the subject of his work but in new ways. His first walk-based work, a straight line in a field, was created in 1967, and since has explored sculpture as a medium concerned with place, material and form.

Tremenheere Line by Richard Long

Richard Long’s screenprints in this exhibition are based on drawings made from mud taken from the river in Bristol, the city where Long was born and continues to live. The prints depict rivulets of muddy water; Long enjoys working with this mud for its tactility and material simplicity, as well as its significance as a natural force that has traced the earth’s surface for over a millennia. 

Neap Tide by Richard Long

David Nash RA is the creator of Black Mound, a powerful collection of charred oak shapes in a sculpted huddle. He not only carves wood, largely from fallen trees, with chain and milling saws but he also created sculptures from growing plants, cutting and training them into domes or ladders. 

Black Mound by David Nash

In this exhibition, David Nash’s stencil editions reflect the natural formations and shapes of his sculptures as well as the changing seasons. 

Wooden Boulder Triptych by David Nash

Richard Woods, plays on the idea of sought-after locations and the booming market for second homes, amid a crisis of housing supply. The playful house sits brightly and boldly at the far end of Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens.

Holiday Home by Richard Woods

In this exhibition, Richard Woods woodblock and screenprints take as their subject matter notions of taste and the cult of home improvement amid a national booming market for second homes. Each print is layered with Woods’ classic brick, tile, wood and stone patterns and designs.

Potential To Convert by Richard Woods

Meanwhile, on the upper floor… 

Gillian Ayres (1930-2018) and Howard Hodgkin (1932-2017) are best known for their colourful and abstract painting, but they were also accomplished printmakers. The exhibition includes a dazzling range of hand-painted editions which focus on the medium of carborundum – an intaglio print technique they both learned at Jack Shirreff’s 107 Workshop in Wiltshire and continued to use with Andrew Smith at Andrew’s Printworks in Dorset. 

The larger-scale prints by Gillian Ayres date from between 1993 and 2014.

Sound Of Silence by Gillian Ayres

Whereas the selection of small-scale editions by Hodgkin focus on his later prints from 2014 – 2016 which include a group from the After All series, the last prints he made before he died. This small collection offers a glimpse into the artists’ extensive printmaking careers.

Wet Day by Howard Hodgkin

All works are available to view and purchase on the Tremenheere Gallery website. The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 4pm, entry is free.