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Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens’ dramatic landscape, combined with large-scale exotic, sub-tropical planting, provides the backdrop to contemplative and inspiring art by internationally renowned artists.

A major attraction near Penzance in West Cornwall, Tremenheere can be found in a beautiful sheltered valley, overlooking St Michael’s Mount, with woods and a stream, interwoven with an evolving programme of contemporary artwork.

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Press Coverage

“Here you’ll find no large country house or guided tours, just a beautiful Cornish wilderness of huge ferns, exotic plants hiding 26 fascinating sculptures. Walk inside the huge camera obscura or the haunting domed chamber with an oval space above to recline and gaze up at the sky.”

The Week

“I first saw Restless Temple, hovering mirage-like in the distance, when walking St Michael’s Way from St Ives to Penzance. This swaying Parthenon is a kinetic sculpture powered by wind and gravity, designed by Penny Saunders, and built by Cornish craftspeople. It is now part of the display of sculptures at the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens near Penzance, which has a variety of contemporary works in 22 acres of a sub-tropical valley, with a view of St Michael’s Mount.”

The Guardian

“On the one hand it is a plantsman’s treasure-chest, divided into themed zones, including an atmospheric bog garden set in woodland which follows the stream at the bottom of the valley, and an area devoted to South African plants. On the other hand, Tremenheere now has to be counted a sculpture garden of international importance. It boasts two works by James Turrell, including a large “skyspace”, and another by Richard Long.”

The Telegraph

“This 22-acre subtropical garden is planted with unbelievably rare varieties, including a fantastic display of palm trees. Be sure to go into the subterranean Skyspace, designed by the American installation artist James Turrell, and in the silence watch the clouds drift across the perfect open oval of the roof. Mystical.”

The Times

“Ten minutes’ drive east of Penzance, the delightful 22-acre Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens feature artworks by the likes of James Turrell, David Nash and Richard Long. You’ll need at least an hour to walk a good chunk of the grounds”

Condé Nast Traveller

“This complex layering of plants is one of the wonders of the place. Your eye is caught by something growing alongside the path, an arisaema, perhaps, or the red-bronze frond of a woodwardia fern. But then just above, you take in the massive leaves of a rhododendron reaching into the mid-storey. Beside and above that will be the tall thin trunk of a tree fern, it may be Cyathea medullaris, with fronds five metres long breaking from furry monkey fists at the crown. Finally, silhouetted against the sky, you get the arched dome of the Tremenheere beeches, carefully limbed up by Armstrong to allow all these wonders to happen beneath.”

The Independent