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Explore Our Sculpture Gardens in Cornwall

Image: Richard Bloom

Planting in the Sculpture Gardens

Tremenheere is one of the most unique all-year-round gardens to visit in Cornwall.

The very favoured microclimate of kindly winter temperatures and shelter from the wind allow exotic and half-hardy plants to flourish. The planting schemes are appropriate to the varying individual habitats, but carry a unifying theme of sculptural forms, textures and colours, which complement what nature has already provided.

The plants create a restful verdancy, whilst having their own drama through form and foliage – particularly the notable collection of palm trees, tree ferns, succulents and bamboos.

Adding to these already magnificent and world-class gardens in Cornwall, the strongly structural planting scheme with a sub-tropical emphasis, means the gardens do not follow a traditional spring flourish but have an all-season interest.

For more information on our planting the below source provides a useful map and an up to date comprehensive list of all the plants we have in the gardens.

Artwork: David Nash RA – Black Mound. Image: Karl Davies

Artworks in the Sculpture Gardens

Internationally renowned artists (including five members of the Royal Academy of Arts) have interacted with the landscape to create site specific permanent works which harmonise with the setting. The land also provides a forum for ever-changing temporary, or even ephemeral arts in all its forms.

A balance of artwork and planting within this Cornish landscape allows room for all elements to flourish, with a limited number of installations – of high quality and presence.

Exhibition: Richard Woods. Image: Onna Boden

Tremenheere Gallery

An important addition to the arts and gallery scene in Penzance and Cornwall, with an evolving programme of curated shows from local, national and international artists.

Tremenheere Gallery presents selling exhibitions of paintings and prints by internationally renowned artists, as well as those living and working in Cornwall. With two exhibition spaces, across two floors, the beautiful oak framed building is one of the largest purpose-built galleries in Cornwall.

Image: Karl Davies

Kitchen, Nursery and Shop

Tremenheere is home to everything you need for a great day out in Cornwall, including an excellent restaurant, gift shop and plant nursery.

Tremenheere Kitchen provides a perfect dining space, with unbeatable views of St Michael’s Mount and an ever-evolving menu. Tremenheere Nursery houses an impressive collection of plants, specialising in rare and unusual succulent varieties. Tremenheere Shop showcases work by many of the regions most celebrated designers and makers.

Image: Karl Davies

A History of Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

The land at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens in Cornwall was owned by the monks of St Michael’s Mount until 1295, when it was bought by Michael De Tremenheere, an established tenant farmer. He began a lineage of 600 years where the land carried the name Tremenheere.

After the Tremenheere lineage fell away the Pearce family farmed the land for four generations. Then in 1997 Dr. Neil Armstrong acquired the core valley, beginning the development of Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

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