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Our Favourite Gardening Books Available at Tremenheere

Have you ever wondered what kind of plants would suit and thrive in your garden depending on its local climate? At Tremenheere, we’re lucky enough to have our very own Cornish microclimate of kindly winter temperatures and shelter from the wind which allows exotic and half-hardy plants to flourish. Read more about our planting.

With our passion for planting in collaboration with the climate in mind, we have two must-have and very much recommended plant books available, one of which is conceived by Neil Armstrong, Tremenheere Director, perfect for any garden enthusiast or novice!


A new edition with an addendum of Plant Name Changes and Colour Photographs, RRP £25, sale price £15.

Classic book, elegantly written by Will Arnold-Forster. First published in 1948 and remains a reliable reference book for those fortunate souls gardening in milder climes. Arnold-Forster lived at Eagle`s Nest, Zennor, West Cornwall. He painstakingly created a wonderful garden, full of colour in the wild exposure of the north Cornwall coast. He was well connected with horticultural pioneers of the day, and though his wife with the Bloomsbury set. Recommendations from the book are as perfectly valid today as they were 75 years ago.

GARDENING ON THE EDGE – Drawing on the Cornwall Experience.

Edited by Philip McMillan Browse, and conceived by Neil Armstrong, RRP £25, sale price £15.

This book is a compendium of chapters written by well-respected, expert gardeners in Cornwall, each describing their experiences. The book aims to provide a general update to the seminal Shrubs for the Milder Counties by Will Arnold-Forster (1948). Extensively illustrated by the authors’ own photographs, often from wilderness locations, the aim is to inspire modern gardeners to explore some of the exciting new horticultural introductions.

“Ten respected and practising gardeners, and one of the world’s foremost evolutionary biologists write on their experiences of ‘gardening on the edge’ – at the edge of knowledge, and at the edge of the land. Since the plant introductions of the nineteenth century, Cornwall has been at the forefront of the art and science of gardening – its gardens and gardeners famous world-wide. “Gardening on the Edge continues this tradition”: it describes a host of plants introduced since the mid-twentieth century – all particularly suited to western seaboard gardens and mild, temperate climates.“

Both of these wonderful books are available to buy in the Garden Ticket Shed every day. They will also be available during the Rare Plant Fair 2023 on Sunday 3rd September, 10am – 3pm.