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MICHAEL. An Angel’s Journey at Tremenheere Until October

MICHAEL. An angel goes on a journey

Since April, we’ve been honoured to have ‘Michael, the angel of peace’ stay with us at Tremenheere, before moving on next month (18th October 2023). 

This is an art project by Reinhard Pontius (@atelier_fuer_bildhauerei). His large wooden sculpture Michael has been traveling through Germany and Europe since September 2020 with the wish that it be an ambassador of peace and reconciliation.

“Michael is on the move as an angel of peace. He, who in the past has usually been depicted with a sword and spear, stands in my sculpture without any weapons at all, just with an open gesture, as if he wanted to say; 

“I see you and I am here for you when you need me.” 

The journey began in 2020 and it was initially planned for five years. The tour through Germany ended in Autumn 2022 at the Nikolaikirche in Leipzig. Then the tour through Europe began, and we’re proud to have been part of his tour since April this year. 

A snapshot of some of the locations Michael has visited, see the full journey via Reinhard Pontius’ website:

2nd guest location: Michael’s Church in Schwäbisch Hall, time: November 24th, 2020 – February 17th, 2021
4th guest location: Kirchberg Monastery, Sulz am Neckar, time: April 19th. 
– July 4th, 2021
10th guest location: Michaelstein Monastery, time: July 1st to September 4th, 2022

“We know about the Archangel Michael as a fighter and as the patron Saint in wars and freedom fights. With my Sculpture, I would like to invite a different understanding: Michael – the angel of peace. I have deliberately dispersed with the familiar attributes of spear, flaming sword and scales in order to allow a new, free approach to this angel. The Archangel Michael stands for a spiritual power that is universal and at the same time very personal and that wants to support us to live courageously and peacefully.”

Reinhard Pontius

Now Michael, the angel of peace stands rather fittingly looking toward St Michael’s Mount along St Michaels Way. This Pilgrim’s walk is an easy walk through one of the most fertile strips of farmland in the UK, directly linking Lelant and Marazion. The 12 mile/19km route is believed to have been used by pilgrims and missionaries, many travelling from Ireland and Wales, to avoid making treacherous journey by sea around Land’s End.

You’ll spot Michael on the grass between Tremenheere Kitchen and Penny Saunders’ Restless Temple. If you haven’t met this angel already, it’s utterly worth a visit before the departure on 18th October.