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Introducing Red Erratic by Dorothy Cross

We’re thrilled to welcome a new work to Tremenheere; Red Erratic by Dorothy Cross has just arrived from Frith Street Gallery, a venue in London for international contemporary visual artists.

Dorothy Cross is an esteemed Irish artist in sculpture, film, and photography. She adapts locations and materials to make new metaphorical associations that sound out today’s behaviours, habits, and identity constructions.


Her latest works, including Red Erratic, are mostly inspired by her time working on stone masons’ yards and studios in Carrara, Italy, famous for its marble. This led her to work with a piece of Damascus Rose, a type of marble known for its flesh-like hue that was hailed from Syria. 

‘When entering such marble one is never sure what will be found. Crystalline seams can occur and make it impossible to carve. Veins of startling colours can emerge, deep red to pale pink.’  

Dorothy Cross

For Dorothy Cross, working with this material evoked the biblical story of the Road to Damascus; the miracle of the enlightenment of St Paul who was blind but regained his sight, as well as, current human evacuations and forced migrations due to disasters in Syria, and elsewhere.

Red Erratic is a large block of Damascus Rose that evokes a geological erratic where rock is moved by a glacier over time and deposited in a new territory. On the top of the block, human feet have been carved, piled on top of each other, and perilously positioned as if in an attempt to gain a foothold.

You can now view this compelling sculpture for free, in its new position next to Tremenheere Gallery.