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Newlyn Society of Artists present NSA 125

Featuring a wide range of media including painting, sculpture, film and installation, NSA 125 will be a landmark exhibition celebrating the society’s 125 year history.

The brief for this exhibition was simply for members to find inspiration from the NSA’s prestigious history. Accordingly, the inspiration for works in the NSA125 exhibition might be inspired by a 20th century NSA artist, or a historic NSA painting, or ideas which NSA members have introduced and popularised over the last 125 years, such as working from real life, plein air painting, or using freer brushstrokes or bright colour.

Regarding this important anniversary exhibition, Yolande Armstrong, Chair of NSA, explains further, saying: “The NSA began as a group of radical artists breaking away from tradition and seeking to create work which was fresh and unconfined by tradition, and that line of radical thought continues in the NSA today. Our artists push the boundaries and make work which is challenging in its content and form and continues to explore and experiment. This NSA125 exhibition celebrates our past but also the amazing community of artists who make up our current membership. Many have been showing exciting work with the NSA for many years, while others are new and will continue to bring welcome change. We are not looking backwards in this show – we are using our past in order to look forward. NSA shows are always vibrant and exciting and in this exhibition, presented in the lovely space of Tremenheere Gallery, you might find the work of our members moving, or challenging, or simply beautiful and inspiring. In strange and difficult times, I think we all benefit from a pause for reflection, time to consider our past and our present, and to ponder our future.”

During this exhibition, the gallery will be open Tuesday – Sunday, 11am – 4.30pm.

Image: Home, glass construction with photography | Susan Kinley