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New Landscape Paintings

This show is about contemplation.

Stripped of individual artistic personalities, this show explores the naked relationship between art and viewer. It is about slow engagement, about psychology, about poetry. In this way the ‘new’ in the title has little to do with the contemporary narrative or contextual interest, rather it pertains to the work that has been created specifically for this show. It is ‘new’ in the most obvious sense:  unseen.

The seven artists within this show have been chosen because they present senses, glimpses, and Romantic notions of landscape, rather than a memetic topography. The landscapes within this show are not real, yet the feelings inspired within the viewer whilst looking at these blurred and imagined spaces are more potent and tangible than when looking at accurate representations. All of the artists are interested in this curiosity, exploring the emotional sensitivity of human gaze within their films and canvases. The space and light exhibited in these artists’ work open up an expanse for the viewer to disappear into transporting them corporeally and temporally, to a realm of delight.

Simply and elegantly hung, this exhibition will provide you the time to explore these imagined landscapes. You may disappear into each one, exploring it’s portents, with languor and intensity. The show is as much about the texture of the silence created between human and art, as it is about the beauty of the works themselves. It will lay bear the Romantic relationship between the gaze, personal psychology, and aesthetic beauty, the work acting as portable windows into the sublime.

New Landscape Paintings features works by Richard Cook, Gareth Edwards, Anthony Garratt, Andrew Hardwick, Marie-Claire Hamon, Michael Porter and Lucy Willow and will run at Tremenheere Gallery 4th September – 3rd October. The gallery is open Wednesday – Saturday, 11am – 4pm, closed Sunday – Tuesday.