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Christopher Madden: Reflection

The title of this exhibition refers partly to Christopher Madden’s lifetime fascination with mirrors, which can be traced back over fifty years to when as a teenager he constructed an astronomical telescope, including grinding the parabolic mirror. The works in the exhibition featuring mirrors explore the disruptive effect reflections have on our perception of space, often using multiple reflections that trick the brain, seeming to create objects and spaces that have no existence in reality. Other works explore illusory effects other than those created by reflections, often utilising dark space or shadows to confuse the eye. Some pieces utilise the multiple repetition of actual forms rather than the repetition of reflections to create structures that are greater than the original forms. Other works have nothing to do with any of these things.

Christopher Madden was born in Durham in 1952. After working as a cartoonist for most of his professional life he is now concentrating on his in other artistic fields and splits his time between Cornwall and London.

Christopher Madden: Reflection runs on the upper floor of Tremenheere Gallery, 14th May – 4th June 2022. The Gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 4pm. Closed Sundays and Mondays. FREE entry – no need to pre-book visits.