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A set of four etchings titled ‘Aqua Oscura’ by James Turrell will be launched at IFPDA Print Fair this week.

A set of four polymer gravure etchings titled ‘Aqua Oscura’ by James Turrell and printed and published by Paupers Press in conjunction with Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, will be launched at the IFPDA Print Fair at the Javit Centre, New York from 23rd – 27th October 2019.

Billed as “The Largest International Art Fair Celebrating 500 Years of Printmaking”, the etchings will depict images from the ‘Aqua Oscura’ – a unique installation from world-famous artist James Turrell, which is sited at Tremenheere.

Under a canopy of trees, beneath the ground, within a Victorian water settling tank in Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, James Turrell installed a sensory art experience like no other, prior to the gardens opening in 2012. Using just a pinhole aperture, natural light and an angled mirror, Turrell projects an image onto the wall of the subterranean tank that cannot immediately be seen with the naked eye in the complete darkness. After spending some minutes of sensory deprivation, the viewer’s brain and eyes adjust, allowing them to see the image of the sky and tree canopy above.

Using long-exposure photography, these images from Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens’ ‘Aqua Oscura’ have now been captured and will be launched as etchings next week in New York, for the world to see.

Requiring invigilation, Turrell’s installation is open to the public on specific days including Saturday 26th October and Saturday 2nd November, 11am – 1pm; before the garden closes for winter after 3rd November.

Watch a short film exploring the making of the prints at Paupers Press, London here: