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Drawing Near

Opening times for viewing, purchasing and events: Fri 2nd Dec: 11am – 8pm and Sat 3rd Dec: 11am – 5pm

Auction: Sat 3rd Dec: 5pm

An art exhibition and auction raising funds for DEC, Eden Aid, Freedom from Torture, MSF, Sea Shepherd and XR, combined with an events programme (workshops, talks and ceremonies) that will create conversations and raise awareness around the climate crisis and related global emergencies. The two-day event invites you to help by raising money for refugees, victims of war and medics in war, as well as increasing climate change awareness and donating to ocean conservation projects.

Art will be available to buy off the walls with any unsold works to be auctioned on the Saturday (3rd December) at 5pm.

International artist and tutor Kate Walters leads the event with the help of collaborators and volunteers. International artist and curator Jesse Leroy-Smith (also lead tutor and mentor at Newlyn School of Art) will chair the auction.

Friday 2nd December

Viewing, purchasing and events: 11am – 8pm

From midday: Portrait drawing by Kathy Wray.

TBC: Talk by Sophie Miller on Extinction Rebellion and the Red Rebels.

6pm: Borders: before tomorrow – Performance by Penny Florence and Ikker Cinarel

6.30pm: Prayer surge by Kate Walters

Saturday 3rd December

Viewing, purchasing and events: 11am – 5pm

11:30am: Talk by Ian Pye about the work of Freedom from Torture

1.30pm: Illustrated talk by Anna-Marie Solowij (Eden Aid driver – to Ukraine)

3.30pm: Talk by Neil Scott on his journey to become part of Extinction Rebellion

4.15pm: Poetry reading by Katrina Naomi

5pm: Auction

Quote by Kate Walters: “By raising awareness and generating funds we can help people displaced by the war in Ukraine, the floods in Pakistan and all the other people made homeless by rising sea levels, with their livelihoods being wiped out. All these things are linked to the climate catastrophe.

“We called this multiple-fundraiser ‘Drawing Near’ because it was important to us that the title implied something that is drawing near.  While many people in this country only have a vague sense of the climate catastrophe – due to our hot summers and mild winters – there’s no getting away from it. We are all – will all be – affected. It is irreversible – we are locked in.

“This fundraiser is a call to arms.”

About Kate Walters: An internationally exhibited artist, healer and writer who works with dreams and trauma. She is interested in “how we survive things that happen to us, how we learn from them and how certain experiences enhance our place in the world.” Her themes
include initiation, indigenous peoples, animal teachers and the beauty of animals.