11th Feb 2018 - 28th Feb 2018

'Ivo Ringe' and 'Grounds for Optimism'

Ivo Ringe: or burst out from its confines and radiate
Solo exhibition in the upper gallery
Influenced by and pursuing concrete art in a new interpretation, Ringe combines a mathematic approach with gestural painting. By choosing colours which interact with each other, Ringe induces optical vibrations which may bring the background to the fore. The exhibition takes places in the upper gallery and features new paintings and prints.

Grounds for Optimism
Group exhibition in the lower gallery

Ivo Ringe has selected twelve artists to exhibit alongside, curating a seperate group exhibition in the lower gallery. Informed by networks, frameworks and systems, the exhibition includes artists from UK, US and Europe. 
Structures Residency at Newlyn Art Gallery
10th - 24th February
Alongside their exhibition at Tremenheere, a number of the artists, including Ivo Ringe, will take part in a two-week evolving exhibition and residency at Newlyn Art Gallery. Enabling an exchange of methods, approaches and ideas, the artists will work together in an open-plan studio space in one half of the upper gallery, alongside an evolving exhibition of work made during the residency.

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