23rd Jul 2016 - 30th Sep 2016

'On St Michael's Way' - Exhibition at Tremenheere Kitchen

A group exhibition focusing on St Michael’s Way - A 12.5 mile footpath crossing the far west Cornish peninsula, from Lelant on the north coast to Marazion and St Michael’s Mount on the south coast. The exhibition features works produced by invited emerging and established Cornwall based artists, all working with a shared interest in our ever shifting, entwined and evolving knowing of landscape, ritual and faith.

The exhibition features works by Bram Thomas Arnold, Faye Dobinson, Naomi Frears, Marie Claire Hamon, James Hankey, Janet McEwan, Roger Thorp, Caro Woods and Zierle & Carter.

Although a modest footpath in length it is an enduring and tangible reminder of a long established and vibrant thoroughfare connecting Cornwall, along with neighbouring Wales and Ireland to mainland Europe. A number of the works in the exhibition speak of both real and imaginary journeys, some taking place along the path, but also to and from worlds beyond the horizon.

Marie Claire Hamon who has a collection of paintings in the exhibition says ‘the track survives as a witness and relic of the past, it gives us a sense of continuity, the sense of belonging to humanity that not only is alive now but lived thousands of years before us’. ‘This is the path that beckons me to walk, to go and see what is behind the horizon, a pilgrim with my line on the canvas, exploring the contour of the paint, where it naturally flows within the landscape and leads the eye beyond the canvas.’

‘On St Michael’s Way’ is curated by Janet McEwan and produced in association with Friends of St Michael’s Way. Following its London debut at the 12 Star Gallery earlier in 2016, the exhibition opens at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens in Penzance on Saturday 23rd July. The opening will signal the launch of a programme of public events and activity along the St Michael's Way footpath.

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