Art at Tremenheere

Dramatic landscape and planting provide the backdrop to contemplative but inspirational artworks. Internationally and nationally renowned artists such as James Turrell RA, Kishio Suga, David Nash RA, Richard Long RA and Tim Shaw RA have interacted with the landscape to create site specific permanent works which harmonise with the setting. The land also provides a forum for ever-changing temporary, or even ephemeral arts in all its forms.



An underground elliptical domed chamber which James Turrell has designed as a space from which to view the sky, especially at twilight. Turrell's work demonstrates influences from his life as a pilot, a light artist, and a Quaker. 

TREMENHEERE LINE    Richard long ra

A work that is sympathetic to the garden setting and the gentle contemplative ambience of Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens. Richard Long is a renowned minimalist land artist and is perhaps best known for his epic walks and stone interventions in wilderness locations.

uNTITLED    Kishio suga

An installation of large scaffolding cage enclosing tall lengths of bamboo. This work is inspired by a phenomenon in Japanese society where a million young men take to their bedrooms, as a result of finding modern society daunting. The repressed energy of the bamboos in a stiff scaffolding cage resonates with this modern day phenomenon of Japanese Society.


A line of logs within woodlands - The incised line along the logs may represent one’s journey through life. The entire piece mirrors the cycle of life and decay in the natural world. Generously donated to Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens following an exhibition at Newlyn Art Gallery in 2001. The installation has recently been reconstructed with kind permission of the artist after the original work melted back into the landscape.


A power collection of charred oak shapes in a sculpted huddle.  Working away from London allowed David Nash the intellectual and physical space to develop his art. He not only carves wood, largely from fallen trees, but also creating sculpture from growing plants before cutting and training them into domes and ladders. Black Mound has been sited to resonate with the mature oaks woodland and bluebells in season.


Carefully sited to sit comfortably in a pivotal point within the landscape, internal images present a 360° view of the gardens in a hypnotic and magical way. Images of the plants and views are often compared to landscape portraits – albeit alive with movement and light.


A beautifully located installation using glass to honour an ancient fissure in a rock face.

Pregnant silence   tony latimer

Tony Latimer is a sculptor working with ceramic, aiming to create work of ‘movement fired into the stillness of ceramic form’. Inspired by natural forces he works on multiple pieces at one time creating asymetrical forms in a home built kiln of 4'6" square. 


Tim Shaw’s work delves into the nature of the human psyche, attempting to understand the nature of who we are through a process of reduction and the stripping down of the human condition to its primordial bare bones. Born in Belfast and now based in Cornwall, rituals and conflicts reoccur throughout Tim’s work, drawing on experiences in his formative years spent in Belfast during ‘the troubles’.

Slip of the lip   peter randall-page RA

Inspired by travels in Australia and with references drawn from Eucalyptus seedpods aswell as gestures towards the male and female form this enigmatic work built from Hassan marble rests peacefully in our ‘quarry’ space. This work is on short-term loan from the artist.

Perspex wind sculpture   michael chaikin

New for 2017. A changing collection of brightly coloured kinetic artwork. Available to buy - Please enquire for more details.

Restless Temple   Penny Saunders

Temples are usually made of stone and stand still, glorifying mortal and immortal power. This temple is made from wood and moves between the power of wind and gravity, always at the mercy of nature and challenging our preconceptions of what we hold secure and stable in everyday life.

Skip of light  ian penna

Ian Penna is a committed environmental artist. Skip of Light addresses his concerns about waste from the construction industry.

Hybrid  Mat chivers

A hand carved work in stone that combines organic, cloud-like form, with crystalline structure reminiscent of digital processes.