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Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens is a major new attraction near Penzance in Cornwall. A beautiful sheltered valley in west Cornwall, surrounded by woods, streams and dramatic vista, provides the perfect setting for this 22-acre exotic and sub-tropical garden. The dramatic gardens provide the backdrop to contemplative and inspiring art. International renowned artists such as James Turrell RA and David Nash RA have interacted with the garden to create site-specific permanent works, all harmonising with their garden setting.


The very favoured micro-climate of kindly winter temperatures and shelter from the wind allow all manner of exotic and half hardy plants to flourish. The planting schemes are appropriate to the varying individual habitats but carry the unifying theme of sculptural forms, textures and colours which harmonise with what nature has already provided. The plants create a restful verdancy whilst having their own drama through form and foliage. In particular through the notable collection of palm trees, succulents and bamboo. To learn more about the planting, and for a comprehensive list of plants in the garden please click here


Dramatic landscape and planting provide the backdrop to contemplative but inspirational artworks. Internationally and nationally renowned artists such as James Turrell RA, Kishio Suga, David Nash RA, Richard Long RA and Tim Shaw RA have interacted with the landscape to create site specific permanent works which harmonise with the setting. The land also provides a forum for ever-changing temporary, or even ephemeral arts in all its forms. To learn more about the art at Tremenheere and for more information on selected works from the gardens please click here.

Chelsea Floating Garden - Designed by Darren Hawkes

The garden consists of 41,000 pieces of slate arranged in a subtly layered arc in a sunken dale surrounded by a majestic weeping willow and old characterful shaped trees. Dappled woodland light, the sounds of burbling water and views across the pond create a magical and restful backdrop. A monolith that was part of the original garden at Chelsea can also be found located outside the restaurant building as visitors arrive at Tremenheere. Originally designed for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2015, it was awarded a gold medal during that years show and was sponsored by Brewin Dolphin.


Tremenheere promises to be one of the great British green spaces of the future. This garden is already quite unique because of its position and unusual climate - but give it another half century as the plants mature - and you'll have a genuine Garden of Eden

The Galloping Gardener - Oct 2010

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James Turrell

An underground elliptical domed chamber which James Turrell has designed as a space from which to view the sky, especially at twilight.

James Turrell

James Turrell

A Victorian underground tank for storing water has been transformed by the artist to a natural light projection space. Images from the tree canopy slowly become visible in darkened chamber. Atmospheric... magical.

James Turrell

David Nash

Powerful collection of charred oak shapes in a sculpted huddle. David Nash has sited this work to resonate with the mature oak woodland and bluebells in season.

David Nash

Kishio Suga

Striking installation within the landscape - scaffolding cage encloses bamboo poles which could represent repressed energy in modern society.

Kishio Suga

Kishio Suga

Minimalist installation - a line of logs within woodland. Incised line along logs may represent one's journey through life. The entire piece mirrors the cycle of life and decay in the natural world.

Kishio Suga

Billy Wynter

This work is carefully sited to sit within a pivotal point in the landscape. Internal images present a 360° view of the gardens in an hypnotic, magical way.

Billy Wynter

Long Stones

Contemporary menhirs act as a feature at entrance to car park. (Tremenheere means place of the long stones).

Long Stones

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Gardens: Daily, 10am - 4pm.

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Adult Entry: £8.00. 

Concessions: £7.00

Children Aged 11 - 15: £4.50. 

Under 11's: Free



Unfortunately due to the natural contours of the land, access to the gardens is severely limited for those with physical disabilities and is unsuitable for motorised scooters, wheelchairs and prams. The gardens are steep in many places, rising to 70m above sea level.