Little Wonder Cafe Menu

Friday 6th & Sat 7th February 2015

Savoury fare:
- Cowboy bean stew
- Winter veg pot-pie
- Soup: Parsnip, ginger & almond
- Cornish rarebit
- Tuna & roasted beetroot sandwich
- Cheese scone / savoury cream tea
Sweet treats:
- Venetian carrot cake (gluten free)
- Chocolate Guinness cake
- Peanut butter cookie

- Oat slice


Sunday 8th Feb - 

ALL Day Brunch

- Chipotle scrambled egg burrito
- French toast with bacon & maple syrup
- French toast with fruit & creme fraiche
- Crispy smoked salmon bagel
- Brunch fritatta



Did you know

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What people think

Lovely surroundings and staff. Jolly good!

N Jones